It is an Intensive AmiBroker AFL Programming course designed for non-programmers who want or willing to create their own trading strategies, indicators, buy or sell trading systems.

Not just this,

AmiBroker Mastery Program starts from scratch explaining Amibroker functionalities & capabilities of amibroker and explores in-depth into Amibroker programming which helps to bring creative ideas to the traders and also make them independent in converting trading ideas into amibroker afl codes.

Example of AFL Coding

What you will be learning?

  • Basic layout and useful features and database setup

  • System building or strategy creation process

  • Inbuilt functions & programs which helps in creating trading systems

  • Advanced way of Backtesting the trading system

  • Dynamic Position sizing in AmiBroker

  • How to write the AFL code for Real-time Scanners

  • Advanced strategy optimization techniques

  • 80:20 Rule and its importance in strategy building and optimization

Course curriculum


1) Three Months recorded video access
2) Downloadable resources

3) Study materials
Pricing: 9,999 Rs


Nataraj Malavade

Trader & Investor

Hi, I am Nataraj, Author of MASTERMIND OF DAY TRADING & founder of TradeTute. I am a rule-based intraday and swing trader and a passionate trainer who is trying to help budding traders to find their trading edge and trained over 500+ traders in online and classroom programs. I believe a disciplined mindset and impeccable execution are the holy grail of trading. I have been actively investing and trading in Indian markets since 2013. I use price action, market profile and options delta neutral concepts to analyse and opt my intraday and swing trades.